"Ah, mon cher, we are odd, wretched creatures, and if we merely look back over our lives, there's no lack of occasions to amaze and horrify ourselves."

- Albert Camus as Jean-Baptiste Clamence, 'The Fall'

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In which the writer begins to realise what a web-log's primary purpose is

-1:53 AM. I begin writing this post.-

Just got off the phone. The other end of the line was sleepy.
Fair enough. So I said "Goodnight!"
and terminated the inter-state call at the press of a button.
At the press of a button. Gloria in Excelsis Technology, yes!

Now I'm feeling lonely. There isn't any one I can call up at this hour or any after this.
It would be great to have a fun conversation online if not over the phone.
There are people online but I don't feel like initiating conversation.
I will read a book. I was told recently there are no 'best friends', that the concept is a redundancy or something to that effect, perhaps in other words. To be fair, I was told that it was said individual's opinion and therefore does not by default apply to the concept in general.

Way I see it (this is my opinion), there are best friends. Books. It doesn't matter if it's 1:52 AM or 3:33 AM or 4:56 AM or corresponding PM's for that matter. I have always been and will always be able to read a book whenever I feel like it. And so long as there is a sufficient source of light, and as long as no one complains about the light, I can read for as long as I want to at night or early morning whatever you will.

Oh, it rained today. 12:24 AM by my estimate. Ran down two flights of stairs and out the building, loose pair of shorts notwithstanding. Turned my face up to the heavens. And I knew then why they called it the heavens. After the heat, the soothing cool. Farmers will be pleased. That is an understatement. Watch the documentary 'Nero's Guests' directed by Deepa Bhatia.You will understand.

Do we, as a race, put too high a premium on conversation conducted over the phone?
Perhaps dot-dot-dot.
Do we, as a race, read enough books?
No full-stop.

I am going to read now.
'Tis by Frank McCourt.
'An Equal Music' is pending. I always do this. Always.

If you like me, get me a Kindle or an iPad.
But only If.

-2:20 AM. I finish writing this post.-

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