"Ah, mon cher, we are odd, wretched creatures, and if we merely look back over our lives, there's no lack of occasions to amaze and horrify ourselves."

- Albert Camus as Jean-Baptiste Clamence, 'The Fall'

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

revisiting fear and silence

an old friend

and told

of confusion conflict and company
but chose
not to alliterate (as above)

alluding to/
expressing through

squiggles of language
the abstract notion
of cognitive commotion

figures of speech
were well within reach-
alliteration too (but forsaken)

but tendency to compare
was pehle se there
extending from
written words
to writing people

oh, the people
she wrote
some smitten
some smote
Spirits Free'd
into ironic chains

but this is the realm
for meetings of old
friends and odds -
beginnings - and ends

Freddy said “You must have chaos\

within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
but all stars become supernovas
and chaos - like infinity -
is always too far


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